Softechnologies holds a collection of Intellectual Property that has been both developed and acquired.

Domain names

In addition to its corporate domain, Softechnologies possesses rights to a number of potentially valuable and lucrative domain names including, and In addition, Softechnologies also has rights to a number of derivative domain names based on the FreeFieldService brand such as .net, .org and .mobi.


Brand recognition and awareness are key elements to any enterprise marketing strategy. And that's why identity protection is so vital in the global economy that exists today. Softechnologies has established protections for several of our innovative and revolutionary ideas, resulting in registered trademarks for symbols such as UpserveTM, Mobile Command CenterTM and Powered by Mobile Command CenterTM.


The core business at Softechnologies is technology ; there is no clearer way to say it. Since our inception, Softechnologies has strived to bring high-quality software and solutions to the market. This commitment to technology has produced numerous successes and two distinct product lines: FieldReady and Mobility Suite. In addition, the Softechnologies Mobile Command CenterTM Platform, the same technology used to build our own products, may be leveraged by third-parties for implementation of a wide variety of proprietary enterprise back office solutions through a formal licensing agreement.


The most definitive method of Intellectual Property protection comes in the form of patent registration. In today's highly competitive and dynamic business world, protecting one's IP is paramount to maintaining an edge in the marketplace. Softechnologies has successfully executed patent rights with the US Patent Office for the Service Networking Platform.