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IBM Expands MobileFirst With 90% of enterprises planning to sustain or increase their mobile technology this year, new enhanced services aim to meet the growing needs.
Saving and Serving Millions in the Field You have heard the jingle, “Safelite Repair, Safelite Replace,” but exactly how does the company manage to effectively mobilize more than 4,000 field techs and service 4.5 million customers in North America?
Beyond Workflow: Apps That Do the Thinking Enterprise field apps have replaced paper, streamlined workflow and created new efficiencies. Along with these new mobile processes comes “big data.” Now, it’s time to put this information to work and drive the next revolutionary step in workforce management.

Recent Articles

Rugged Computing In 1999 a rugged laptop computer weight seven to eight pounds, ran a 200 MHs Intel processor with 16 mg of RAM and up to a hard drive of 3.2 gb. They had a 10.4 inch display and could cost you anywhere from $3,500 - $6,000.   Rugged computing was a "new kid on the block" and the number of premium suppliers was limited. While the…
Get Paid Faster In today's economy chasing receivables can become a full-time job.  Service providers all have a need to capture payments in a timely manner.  Customers may have a need to float what they owe you, without asking for permission, in order to operate their business -- leaving you with a potential cash flow problem.  When it comes to…